Switchfoot and Hope

“Hope deserves an anthem and that’s why we sing.”

(Jon Foreman)

Kath and I attended a superb concert last night.  Switchfoot came to our town and played Meadowbrook Theatre, a venue at my alma mater, Oakland University, in suburban Detroit.

She was blown away.

So was I.

The band was superb.  Tight.  Didn’t miss a note.  Engaged from the opening “Hello Hurricane” to the final encore “Dare You to Move.”

I’m not a kid anymore.  That was four decades ago.  But I was a kid last night.

I first heard of Switchfoot, an alternative band from San Diego, about fourteen years ago.  Their album “The Beautiful Letdown” put them on the map in a big way.  Indeed, their performances of “Meant to Live” and “Dare You to Move” from that breakout album at the concert’s end capped the night brilliantly.

Today, I listened to interviews with the band’s co-founder, front man Jon Foreman.  When asked what Switchfoot’s music is all about, Jon answered, “Hope deserves an anthem and that’s why we sing.”

Odd, I came into their music in a big way after I passed the half-century mark.  I’m fifty-three and rock and roll for me means Led Zeppelin.  And more Led Zeppelin.  (Factoid: Jon Foreman was a part of a Led Zeppelin tribute band in his teens.  Factoid no. 2: During the middle section of “Bull In a China Shop” last night, lead guitarist Drew Shirley launched into the solo from “Whole Lotta Love.”  It was spectacular.)

As I’ve gotten to know Switchfoot’s music, I’ve become very uncomfortable.  Hope is a theme.  So are themes like “live life fully, unafraid and without regrets” and “is this who you want to be?”

Ouch.  A little too near the heart and conscience

Check them out.  They’re raw and real, all flawed humanoids trying to figure life out.  It’s all spelled out in the music.


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(Written for homeless kids in San Diego)


Laugh. A Lot.

“Keep laughing.  As long as you’re laughing you have hope.”

(Moe Howard)

Happy Saturday friends!


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New Year’s Eve 2012: Full of Promise

NYE 2012Here we stand, poised on the eve of the New Year.  A toast:

We have successfully navigated 2012, a year of challenges and triumphs.  We did more than simply hold on.  No, we moved forward and prevailed.  Gains and some losses.  Joys and sorrows.  But we are here and going into 2013, excited, eager, and brimming with faith and hope.  Fiscal Cliff does not deter us.  Our hope is not in Washington, D.C. and its power brokers.

This is your year:

To grow emotionally, mentally, vocationally, socially, financially, and spiritually.

To work for and acquire greater health and fitness.

To have many new, superior experiences.

To travel places internally and externally to which you’ve never been.

To experience life with no fear and anxiety.

To draw closer to Him who made you.

Have a blast.  Enjoy your friends and loved ones.  Celebrate responsibly.  Take a cab or a designated driver if you need.

Here’s to 2013.  “The best is yet to come.”  Enjoy and grow!

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