The Pretty Girl at the Piano

It was thirty years ago today.  July 12, 1987.  Northern New York, near the Canadian border.  Morning was hot and muggy when I first had a look at a beautiful young woman, a striking brunette in a striped dress, as I walked into the one hundred and fifty-two year old church.  She was playing the piano that morning.

I was hundreds of miles from home and came to this place to help in a missions trip to upper Ontario, James Bay region.

I noticed this young woman had a ring on the third finger of her left hand.  Odd.  For some reason, which I noted in a journal at the time, she didn’t seem married.  But she was lovely.  She caught my attention.

Fast forward to September 2, same year.  I’d now moved to this small village seven miles south of the St. Lawrence River.  She introduced herself to me.  “Hi Chris.  I’m Kathy.”

I was enchanted.  We soon found we were each other’s soulmates.  Seven months later we were wed.

Thirty years later she still takes my breath away.

Marry well.  I still have a hard time believing I get to share life with this marvelous lady.

Suggested Resources:

Marry Wisely, Marry Well (Ernie Baker)

The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts (Gary Chapman)


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