You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I’ve used this phrase a lot over the past year or so.  I did not know that it originated with Socrates, one of the greatest minds in human history.

“You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” means….

  • You are aware that you have blind spots and a limited, human perspective on everything.
  • You, therefore, will not become complacent and assume a kind of dangerous omniscience about any matter of life. Thus….
  • You will be continually learning. Every day.  Until your heart quits.
  • You realize that the first step to becoming a truly educated person is to come face-to-face with your own ignorance.
  • You will carry yourself humbly, not with arrogance, knowing how little you really know about everything.
  • You will be less inclined to opine and pontificate with the rest of the human race, especially when your opinion is not asked for or wanted.

Suggested Resources:

Know What You Don’t Know: How Great Leaders Prevent Problems Before They Happen (Michael A. Roberto)

The Magic of Thinking Big (David J. Schwartz)


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