Seven Decades and Going Strong

17 12 2013

Dad1942.  Our country fully at war in Europe and the Pacific Rim.  A time of apprehension, fear, courage and destiny.

A boy born in the Great Lake State.  He grew up learning the ethic of hard work, doing his share of chores on the family farm.  It has held him in good stead all his life.

As a teenager, he faced devastating loss with the rest of his siblings and yet survived it.

As a young adult, he  made the courageous choice, in the height of the Cold War, to serve in the United States Air Force, first in Turkey and later at headquarters for the Strategic Air Command, Offutt Air Force Base, just outside Omaha, NE.

He married and adopted a young child–a boy, and went on to add two handsome sons and a beautiful daughter–siblings.  He went on to serve twenty-nine years in the Michigan State Police.

He taught his family the value of hard work.  He was always at work on some project, all the while serving his community and his state during his “day job.”  He still rarely slows down with his projects–carpentry, renovation and additions. Even after retirement eighteen years ago, he has continued his to use his skills in fire and arson investigation privately, providing for his family.

He taught his kids to love one another and get along.  He attended their ball games and school events.

He taught his kids the value of faith, providing for tuition for parochial school–not an inexpensive enterprise by any means.

He taught them to get back on the horse if you’ve fallen off.  That mistakes are not permanent.  Dust yourself off and get back into the fray.

He outworks men half his age.  Two replaced hips later, he still rocks.  He just doesn’t stop.  Serves his wife–our fantastic stepmom Debby–his  family, his Church, his community, this great nation–her values and the things that make her great.

I am that adopted kid.  And this is my dad.  James Edward Fahey.  Today is his birthday.  He continues to encourage and inspire us all.

Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you.  We all do!



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