Superior Experience

A Superior ExperienceHere are a few questions to ask yourself as you relate to the people with whom you traffic on a daily basis.

  • Am I giving them more of the same cynical, boring, and predictable responses and input that they get from their colleagues, family, social, and mainstream media?
  • Have I passed along something of value–something that will make them think and see that their lives could be more than they are at the present moment?

Some time ago, I read  portions of Sol Stein’s remarkable book, Stein On Writing.  In it, he made his case for the ideal that the primary job of a writer is to provide the reader with a superior experience to the one he or she is currently enjoying or enduring.

How about you?  Do people leave their interactions with you challenged, invited into something new, emboldened to question the status quo?  Or are they simply having reinforced the same tired stuff they hear and see, day in and out?

It’s an important question.  And you should answer it.  Making an indelible impression takes effort, creativity, and purpose.  Do you really want to be a parrot, simply repeating what everyone hears ad nauseum?

Here’s the challenge:  Shake things up.  Give alternate, even upsetting, information.  Force, in a friendly and collegial way, your associates to look at things differently.  Reassess.  Challenge their prior commitments.

I think you’ll find, as a result, that you’ll stand out among those in their daily orbits who actually try to bring them to a better place, to more thorough thinking and planning.

In a phrase, you’re giving them a superior experience.

And isn’t that something we’re all looking for.  Try it!

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