Up For Inspection?

22 10 2013

InspectionOkay, confession time.  I don’t like being criticized or critiqued.  I am not fond of being vetted and graded.  I get nervy and irritated when someone says, “I’m sorry but your work is not acceptable.”  I resist accountability.  Have your address yet?

At work today, a number of my colleagues and I had a discussion about review, critique, inspection, modification, correction, editing and the like.  We applied this to a number of areas: writing, self and home education, our IT work and our values and stated beliefs.

While critique and inspection is not pleasant–and not meant to be–it is, however, invaluable.  We are all imperfect.  We have blind spots.  We miss stuff we should have noticed and caught.  It takes a person with a love of truth and reality and not a little courage to actively seek out feedback on what they’re doing and becoming in order to improve and avoid hurting on the one hand and seeking to help on the other.

How about you?  Do you resent criticism of your work (and by that, I don’t mean ad hominem jabs designed to hurt rather than correct)?  The most foolish people I’ve ever met are those who actively avoid and stifle any kind of evaluation of their actions and character.  I’ve done it myself.  After all, my business is my business, right?

Well, not exactly.  Your business, your doings, and your character affect those in your orbit.  And others.  Challenge for today:  See critique and evaluation not as monsters set on a mission of destruction but friends who will help you get where you REALLY want to go.

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