“Leaves Are Falling All Around….”

4 10 2013

Leaves Are Falling All AroundIt is Autumn once again.  Fall.  The daylight hours have diminished.  “Leaves are falling all around….” to quote Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (“Ramble On”).

Autumn is a season for reflection, for learning, for walking.  You can pick up the smell of decaying leaves in the chill air.  It clears the head.

I was born in Autumn, 1963, a month before our thirty-fifth President had his life taken away by an assassin’s bullet.  I also met the love of my life and became engaged to her.  Again, Autumn.  This time 1988.  We’ve been married over twenty-five years.  Our union, like fine wine, gets better with age.

There is color everywhere, a feast for the eyes.  Our blood thickens with the cooler night air and we sleep better.  For many of us, it is our favorite season of the year.  Sure, the cold of Winter shall follow.  And snow.  But Autumn is a time to be savored.

The late Eva Cassidy gave us a haunting rendition of the classic “Autumn Leaves.”  Enjoy.

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