Addison’s Walk

Addisons WalkI’ve been thinking about and appreciating anew Oxford scholar and author, C. S. Lewis.  Earlier this year, I read his classic–one of many–The Screwtape Letters.  He was a remarkable thinker and writer.

Addison’s Walk is a pathway around Oxford’s Magdelen College.  Lewis used to indulge his peripatetic urges with friends on this footpath, among them J. R. R. Tolkien of The Hobbit and The Fellowship of the Ring fame.

When one walks in nature, it gives one time to think about things, especially these days when we are bombarded with stimuli from numerous sources, a product of the digital age.  Sometimes it is helpful; sometimes it hinders through noise, interruption, and distraction.

Lewis never fully entered the 20th Century.  And I think we may well be the richer because of it.  He never owned a wristwatch; learned to drive only later in life and rarely; wore the same clothes to the point of threadbareness.  I’m not sure he would’ve integrated gracefully into the 21st Century.  But no matter.

But he gave us The Chronicles of Narnia.  And Mere Christianity.  And The Pilgrim’s Regress.  And a whole lot more.  I’d be willing to bet that these contributions were a by-product of these walks and talks, many of them occurring on Addison’s Walk.

Take some time to walk.  I’m sure you have your own pathways, perhaps similar to Addison’s Walk.  Think.  Meditate. Ponder.  And see what is borne of such activity.

Phil Keaggy, deeply inspired by the work of Lewis for about forty years, wrote this piece called, appropriately, “Addison’s Walk.”

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