Life On Two Legs

Dedication of the IntrepidI have two legs.

They both work very well.

Not everyone has the same blessing.

Every weekday, I walk to and from my office, a seven minute stroll from my house.  And I get to use my two healthy legs to get there and back.

Today, as I walked home from work, I thought about flying.  As a kid, I was enamored—as I suppose most young boys are—with Superman, Underdog, and Mighty Mouse.  They could all fly.  And I wanted to.

I then realized that for those whose legs are gone or don’t function, to be able to walk or run would be almost like being able to fly.

It made me a bit sad.  And then I became thankful.

My stepfather, of blessed memory, lost the use of his legs and arms to multiple sclerosis and lived thus for over thirty years until he passed away last January.  Numerous soldiers, both men and women, have lost one or both legs and even some other limbs to IED’s in distant lands as they fought the War on Terror.  To be able to walk or play the guitar or even a video game must be a dream for them.

If you have your health; if you have your extremities and they function, be thankful.  To those who’ve lost these blessings, you must seem like Superman or Spiderman.  So use them gratefully.

And never take them for granted….

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