What Are You Reading These Days?

A Year of WritingI’ve often asked my friends in conversation as well as my readers on social media this question:  “What are you reading lately?”  I’m always fascinated by the responses.  I’m an avid reader in many different subject areas.  So here are a few that I’ve read or been reading this past three or four months.

A Year of Writing Dangerously (Barbara Abercrombie) – I first laid eyes on this gem a few months ago on a short vacation out of state.  Set up in the format of a daily dose for every day of the year, this fantastic little book gives daily fuel and inspiration for those of us who like to write.  Included in each day’s post is a quote by a renowned author.  I just bought it this afternoon.

The Kill ArtistThe Kill Artist (Daniel Silva) – This breakout novel first introduced the world of thriller fiction to the engaging character, Gabriel Allon, veteran Israeli intelligence officer and world-class art restorer.  Silva has given us fascinating protagonist in Allon, a psychologically conflicted veteran of various wars on international terrorism.  Read everything by Silva.  You won’t be disappointed.  By the way, Silva is President Clinton’s favorite fiction author.

Spirit of the DisciplinesThe Spirit of the Disciplines (Dallas Willard) – Recently deceased author Dallas Willard, philosophy professor at USC, shows us that our lives are lived in the body and that success in any pursuit–in this case, Christian discipleship–is predicated on the bodily (active) habits and practices we form and adhere to.  Fantastic read for those looking to improve their Christian commitment but equally profitable for those looking to master the gifts and talents they’ve been given.

The Creative HabitThe Creative Habit (Twyla Tharp) – Twyla Tharp is a veteran dance choreographer for, among other institutions, the American Ballet Theatre.  Set in the hustle and bustle of the New York City theatre culture, she shows that discipline and routines, far from stifling the creative impulse and creative persons, actually enhance creativity.  An excellent choice.

Zen In The Art of WritingZen In the Art of Writing (Ray Bradbury) – Famed novelist, Ray Bradbury, of Fahrenheit 451 and The Martian Chronicles fame shows that writing is about passion and child-like wonder.  Find something you love and hate and write about it, counsels Bradbury.  This little book of short essays will enhance your approach to writing and life.  I have a fellow writing colleague who reads Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes every October to remind himself why he’s writing in the first place.

Okay, friends.  What are you reading currently?  Tell us!

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