Baby Grand

1 08 2013

Baby GrandWe added a new “baby” to our family this afternoon.  A Howard by Baldwin baby grand piano, circa 1946.  Baby is doing well and the family is happy with the new addition.

My two daughters, my wife, and I all play piano.  So we were delighted to find this gem.  I’m reminded of the words of Irving Berlin:

 “I love a piano.
I love a piano.
I love to hear somebody play upon a piano,
A grand piano.
It simply carries me away.”

We look forward to lots of fun, creativity and new experiences with the joy that is music on this remarkable instrument.  Jazz, classical, pop standards, classics from the Great American Songbook, Broadway, ambient, gospel, and all sorts of other forms.  We love it all.

 “So you can keep your fiddle and your bow,
Give me a P-I-A-N-O oh, oh,
And let’s step right up to an upright,
Or a fine-toned baby grand.”





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