Hobbies: What Are Yours?

8 07 2013

hobbiesBill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in suburban Chicago—one of the nation’s largest, recalls a time in the late 1980’s when the church was experiencing unbelievable growth.  This growth taxed him and his staff in a big way.

Eventually Bill reached a breaking point.  Burned out.   Letting fly on his colleagues in an unprofessional and inexcusable way.  He needed help.

He’d been urged by friends to get counseling.  Ego caused him to balk at this until he could take no more.  He went to a counselor.

One of the first questions his counselor asked was, “Bill, what do you do for relaxation?”

“That’s easy.  Nothing.”

“This has to change.”

He urged Bill to find an outlet.  Recreation.

A hobby.

As a younger man, Bill loved sailing.  But, worried about the disapproval of parishioners, he didn’t pursue it.  What will people think if their pastor buys a sailboat?

He decided to let the critics think what they may and bought an old sailboat.  He remodeled it and made it seaworthy.  Then he formed a sailing team and entered regattas.

It has been a godsend for him and he’s had the time of his life.

Everyone needs a hobby.  I’m a musician and an audiophile, so mine happens to be collecting music.  As far as tape goes, cassettes are okay, but no 8-tracks (the hiss on both formats is annoying). Mp3’s are great.  CD’s are better.  (I just recently acquired a number of CD’s of old masters from the era of the Great American Songbook–Frank Sinatra, Mel Torme, Bobby Darin, Louis Armstrong, etc.)

But by far, my favorite is records.  33&1/3 vinyl albums and 45’s.  The sound is better.  The music breathes and the layers are more apparent to the ear. The artwork is outstanding.  And I can get treasures on the cheap.  It is quintessentially cool.

Recent vinyl acquisitions:

Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits” (Simon and Garfunkel)

The Music Man” (Original Cast Recording)

Beautiful Noise” (Neil Diamond)

Rainbow ‘Round My Shoulder” (Al Jolson)

How do you relax?  Tell us about your hobbies.


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2 responses

9 07 2013
Kristin Barton Cuthriell

Christian, So true! Everyone needs a hobby, a passion, or something that they really enjoy. I am passionate about reading, writing, and running. I also love to sit on the beach (when the weather is right) with a great book. Thanks for sharing! Have a happy day!

9 07 2013
Christian Fahey

You have great passions, Kristin–writing, reading, running. Fantastic. Have a great day and thanks for reading and commenting!

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