New Year’s Eve 2012: Full of Promise

31 12 2012

NYE 2012Here we stand, poised on the eve of the New Year.  A toast:

We have successfully navigated 2012, a year of challenges and triumphs.  We did more than simply hold on.  No, we moved forward and prevailed.  Gains and some losses.  Joys and sorrows.  But we are here and going into 2013, excited, eager, and brimming with faith and hope.  Fiscal Cliff does not deter us.  Our hope is not in Washington, D.C. and its power brokers.

This is your year:

To grow emotionally, mentally, vocationally, socially, financially, and spiritually.

To work for and acquire greater health and fitness.

To have many new, superior experiences.

To travel places internally and externally to which you’ve never been.

To experience life with no fear and anxiety.

To draw closer to Him who made you.

Have a blast.  Enjoy your friends and loved ones.  Celebrate responsibly.  Take a cab or a designated driver if you need.

Here’s to 2013.  “The best is yet to come.”  Enjoy and grow!

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2 responses

1 01 2013
David Kanigan

Happy New Year to you and your family Christian. Yes, this is our year. Thanks for your inspirational posts in 2012. Keep ’em coming. Dave

1 01 2013
Christian Fahey

And to you and yours as well, Dave. I’ve likewise appreciated your challenging and inspirational (and multi-faceted!) posts on Lead.Learn.Live. I intend to keep writing. Thanks for reading my friend!

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