Perspective: The View From Reality

29 12 2012

PerspectiveA dear friend of ours is laying to rest her husband of ten years today.  A woman without her man and two children without their daddy.  Today, I got a very expensive fuel bill to heat the house I own.

Twenty families in and around Newtown, CT, endured the holidays without their little sons and daughters, victims of a senseless act of murder and mayhem.  Other families as well are missing their teachers, who perished with them.  You are having your flight delayed or cancelled due to poor weather, leaving you stuck for a little while in a heated airport terminal.

A young Indian woman died last night from injuries she sustained in a brutal gang rape.  You are unable to go out and return Christmas gifts today for something better because you are snowed in and the roads are unsafe.

Perspective.  It’s all how you view things.

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2 responses

29 12 2012
Kristin Barton Cuthriell

Wow. It is all perspective. Really makes us stop and think.

31 12 2012
Christian Fahey

It really puts things into proportion and gives them proper weight. Thanks for reading Kristin and Happy New Year!

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