24 07 2012

Today is a bittersweet one for our family.  A new chapter looms before my wife and I.  For me, it will involve a return to two familiar places—graduate school to finish my Master’s degree and the pastorate.  For my wife, continued growth—including college—in her varied artistic pursuits.

This new chapter also involves a move about 90 miles south of our home in the historic Thousand Islands region of northern New York.  And so, fittingly, we’ve worked very hard this summer and today put our house on the market.

It is a poignant and difficult thing.  Our girls grew up in this home which we bought right after the Twin Towers fell in New York City.  It is a place stained with memories both joyful and sorrowful.  As we returned home from town this evening, we were met with the tearful embrace of our eldest daughter as she realized our home will soon become home to another family.  Sigh.

It is a solid old Victorian farm house in a small country hamlet.  It was built in 1914, the year the Great War commenced.  One learns that it is the people and the love they share that make a house a home.  Ours is no exception.

We would appreciate your prayers for us as we launch into this next phase of our lives.  Prayers for the sale of the house.  Prayers for effectiveness and growth as we journey on to new vistas, new experiences, and new friends.  Prayers for the emotional ebb and flow that accompanies such a big step.

We are excited for these new “lines in the book of our lives” (apologies to Dan Fogelberg) that are, even now, being written.

And yet….bittersweet.

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24 07 2012
Jean and Charlie Benson

Tears as I read this..We have made many of these moves over the course of our life in the military but we decided when Charlie retired that this indeed was the best place to call home..We love this area of the country …We love the ambiance , the climate but most of all the people we had met along the way ,..I guess we figured that those people were now permanent fixtures as we were now here to stay. How sad for ourselves to find that some of our favorites were now not going to be a part of the fabric of our retirement and the rest of our lives.. But we rejoice with you that God has put a calling on your hearts to finish what he started because you are so good at what you do.We pray for your success in everything that your wonderful family seeks to achieve and that as you leave our area that even though you and we will be sad that you will find the joy in a new adventure as we did. And lastly we pray that the new owners of your home will make it a home filled with love , joy and peace for themselves, their neighborhood and use it for His glory even 1/10th the way that you did..We love you and will miss you so much…

25 07 2012
Christian Fahey

Thank you Jean. Your words are most kind. It’s interesting how God’s will leads us down all sorts of varied paths and into varied parts of our world. For now, we’ll be just 90 mins away. We love you guys!

24 07 2012
Kristin Barton Cuthriell

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this bittersweet transition. By the way, I love Dan Fogelberg.

25 07 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks so much Kristin! I’ve been a big DF fan ever since “Longer” came out.

25 07 2012
David Kanigan

Good luck to you and your wife in your new beginnings Christian.

25 07 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks so much David!

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