High Self Confidence Is A Curse? Yep….

17 07 2012

My friend David Kanigan shared this fascinating post on his site today. Takes another look at the high versus low self-confidence debate. Really puts things in perspective. Enjoy!

Live & Learn


Yes, the old saw is at it again.  New research is turning over on its back yet more conventional wisdom.  Many of my emotional shortcomings (short fuse/anger), phobias, indulgences (salt) are proving to be either normal or critical to success – I knew I just had to wait it out…

This time it’s Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, an international authority in personality profiling and psychometric testing who posts “Less Confident People Are More Successful” in the HBR Blog Network.  (Important Disclosure: HBR could post just about anything…unicorns, Sasquatch, Ogo Pogo, mermaids – – and I’m a buyer.) Here’s some excerpts from his post:

“…There is no bigger cliché in business psychology than the idea that high self-confidence is key to career success. It is time to debunk this myth. In fact, low self-confidence is more likely to make you successful…”

“…After many…

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