A Gift From Down Under: Sons of Korah

10 07 2012

This past year, I discovered a hidden treasure from Australia.  Sons of Korah is a project band, the lion’s share of whose work has been putting the Psalms to music.  It is beyond good.

The group is primarily acoustic guitar-based, with strings, piano and percussion added to fill the mix.  Their sound is, at times, quite unconventional and has a distinctly Middle Eastern vibe in certain pieces, taking you, as it were, back to David and his harp.  How he must have sounded. How it must have felt hearing him.

Today, as I listened to this group play through various Psalms, I was again taken into the biblical world of earthy reality contained in the Psalter.  SOK does not simply put the “happy” Psalms to music.  They explore musically the darker realities of places like Psalm 137 and themes of abandonment, pleas for deliverance from enemies and mockers and so forth.

That is relevance.

“Life,” as Walter Brueggemann reminds us in The Message Of The Psalms, “is savagely marked by disequilibrium, incoherence, and unrelieved asymmetry.”  Many Psalms–and these tend to be avoided because of their raw appraisal of life in a sinful world–reflect a profoundly disoriented existence, even for God’s covenant people.  But we need these Psalms just as much as Psalm 23, “The Lord Is My Shepherd.”  Maybe even more.  SOK does us the service of bringing them to life once again with their remarkable gifts.

Listen carefully to these guys.  They get it.

And so will you….

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2 responses

10 07 2012
LaDona's Music Studio

Oh I like it! (yes, surprised!). I usually avoid this genre (so much is so bad and I am not a fan of a lot of electric guitar sounds) – not sure why I clicked the play button today – but I do like it. Everything you said is true. Thanks for posting.

11 07 2012
Christian Fahey

It’s really good stuff, LaDona. Enjoy!

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