A Weekly Guitar Practice Schedule

7 07 2012

I found this inspiring new classical guitar blog by Nicole Rogers of Melbourne, Australia. Having studied this in college, I am impressed. Enjoy!

Classical Guitar n Stuff

And how are we all on this fine Saturday morning. Bit chilly out eh? Well, it is in south-eastern Australia for those of you reading on the other side of the world!

A good day to stay inside, keep warm and do some practice – yay!

As I’m sure I’ve said probably numerous times on this blog already, having something to work towards in your practice is so very important. We’re all pretty strapped for time and having some aims for your practice sessions or bigger goals to work towards can help make sure you’re making most efficient use of the time available.

So to help you with mapping out your practice I’m sharing with you the practice schedule sheet I use. Ooooohhhh…..

Here it is: Weekly Practice Schedule

You don’t have to stick religiously to the format, but you may find it a really useful little memory jogger, helping…

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2 responses

7 07 2012
Nicole Rogers

Thank you very much for reblogging my post – that’s awesome. I’m really glad you enjoy it 🙂

7 07 2012
Christian Fahey

You’re quite welcome, Nicole. Very inspiring!

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