Looking At Or Seeing?

5 07 2012

I’m learning that to look into the eyes of another human being is not necessarily the same thing as seeing them.  I think the eyes are the most beautiful feature of any human being.  Because when I look into someone’s eyes, I get a glimpse into their soul.

Sometimes I see hope.

Sometimes I see mischief.

Sometimes I see pain.

Sometimes profound goodness.

Often, I see someone whose soul seems to communicate this question: “Do you see me?”

Over the years I’ve had the chance to meet a lot of people.  Perhaps the most complimentary thing I’ve ever heard is when someone remarks thus, “When he is with you, it’s as if you’re the only person on earth.”  Complete focus.  Courtesy.  Eschewing superficiality, manifested in canned replies and hollow laughter.  Undistracted.

Someone has said that one of the most profound expressions of love you can give to another human being is to pay attention to them.

Are you seeing those around you?

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6 responses

5 07 2012
LaDona's Music Studio

Undistracted. Yes. Staying off the computer when my husband is talking to me 🙂

6 07 2012
Christian Fahey

I have to do the same with my wife, LaDona. It shows we care!

6 07 2012
David Kanigan

YES. Another terrific post Christian.

6 07 2012
Christian Fahey

Thank you David. It’s one I’m working on–especially with my wife. Carpe diem!

9 08 2012

very profound.

13 08 2012
Christian Fahey

Thank you Cindy!

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