Phil Keaggy on “What A Day”

29 05 2012

“The album [What A Day] came out of my life. ‘Now I Can See’ is the song that really speaks what my heart is saying. When life goes into an album, life comes out. There is a lot of music that is fantastic technically but it lacks life and spirit. Jesus said, ‘The flesh profits nothing, but the Spirit gives life.’ I’ve got music that’s fantastic musically, but then there’s music that the Lord ministers through. He anoints it. The input that you receive is also your output. Its roots go back to influences in a person’s life that have been good and pure. You know, when it comes to anointing, that’s something only the Lord can do: He can use someone who isn’t as talented or someone who is much more talented than I am. I encourage people to get into music but I remind them to remember who’s the author and giver of that gift. I discourage people from getting a guitar just to be like me. When someone is given a gift from the Lord, the Lord will accomplish that which concerns that gift. It’s all for the purpose of glorifying Him, to build up the Body, to edify the Body, and to bring news to the fainthearted — — to those who are lost, and to set the captives free.”

–Phil Keaggy (1976)

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