28 05 2012

Freedom is not free.  It comes at a price.  I live in northern New York just outside of Fort Drum, headquarters of the 10th Mountain Division.  Drum is one of the most heavily deployed Army bases in the United States.  It may be the heaviest.

I have seen soldiers return from war—if they even do.  Many have paid with their lives.  Those coming home face challenges that only a soldier who has seen the hell that is war could possibly understand.  Families in shambles, mental health challenges (read PTSD), some no longer having limbs.  And more.

Today is Memorial Day.  A day of remembering.  Sacrifice is not on the short list of a society given to consumption and self-fulfillment.  But it is one of the prices of freedom.  Sacrifice on the battlefield and unselfishness, even restraint, at home.  It is the foundation of any society that long endures.  Its lack portends the eventual collapse of the same.  Obviously, we as a nation are in some trouble if we don’t recover once again this heroic virtue.

Say thank you.  Just do it.  They’ve all willingly thrown themselves under the bus for you.

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