A Mother’s Love

13 05 2012

She was a young mother then, just days before the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  She’d just given birth to a little boy.

Normally the birth of a child is a source of great joy.  But her joy was mingled with sorrow.  For her son was sick.  Very sick and just weeks old.

His stomach was not functioning properly and his life was in jeopardy.  Pyloric stenosis the culprit.  The condition required what was risky surgery in those days.  Not once, but twice.

When the mother realized just how serious her son’s condition was, she went to God.  She was afraid for the life of her child.

She was raised in a devout Catholic family and had her son baptized in the Roman rite in the hospital.  She did not know if he’d leave there alive.

So every morning for weeks on end, she got up before sunrise and walked beneath the stars to attend 6:00 AM Mass at her parish church, Holy Name.

She prayed numerous novenas to our Lord.  She asked that her son be spared. God heard her pleas and answered.  Her son lived.  He is writing the post you are now reading.

She went on to raise two more sons and a daughter.  In the sometimes turbulent days of the early 1970’s she went to college to pursue nursing.  She had four young children, a husband, and yet she found the time to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing science.  Education had long been a core value in her family.  She became an RN.

The years since that time have alternately been filled with joys and sorrows.  Her children are now grown with families of their own and have given her grandchildren.

In her endless quest for self-development and desire to help the hurting, she went on to earn her Master’s in Nursing.  For a while she taught in a university.

But there was more left for her to do.  There always is.  She went on to earn her Ph.D in Nursing two years ago.  She is now teaching in colleges and universities and continues to inspire her children to be all that they can be, never settling for less than full engagement of one’s faculties.

She is quite a lady and she is my mother.

And this is her day.




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