12 05 2012

This afternoon my wife and I were busy installing a screen door in the rear of our home.  Warm and sunny, an old door laying in the garage needed a new lease on life.  And modification.

So, armed with circular saw, chalkline, hammer, screws and assorted other tools, we modified the door.  And then hung it for the first time.

It cost us nothing.

After the workout, I was sweaty and smelly and tanned a bit.  Kath and I admired our work–she had the genius to repurpose an old door–and were ready to clean up.

My eldest daughter, Anna, was presumably out having coffee with one of her besties.  I just happened to be home.  I was originally going to be in town.

We heard Anna come in.  We looked toward the kitchen door and….


My daughter Emily flew in from Kansas, totally unannounced to Kath and I.  She, her boyfriend Josh and Anna have been planning this for months.  Anna went to pick her sister up from the airport.  Now we get to have her here for two weeks.  We thought we might not see her again this year.

We were clueless.  Anna and Emily are rock stars when it comes to planning great surprises.

Hugs and kisses.  And tears.  Our chicks are both home.  Momma is quite happy and Dad proud as a peacock.

Happy Mother’s Day indeed!




2 responses

12 05 2012

So excited for you guys! That’s the best surprise you could ever ask for! Especially for Mother’s Day! Enjoy these precious two weeks. Don’t let them go by too fast!

-Megan J.

12 05 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks Megan! It was fantastic watching them both come through the door. Thanks for reading!

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