One Hundred Dollars

1 05 2012

This is the experience and these are the reflections of my eldest daughter, Anna, as she and her colleagues brought light to a very dark part of the world this year. It is sobering and devastating.


I cracked my journal open today for the first time since I left Scotland. I told myself it wouldn’t be the one to just put aside processing things and pick life right back up where I had left it.. but of course, proof that I did just that is my little leather bound book that tells the story of the last year of my life.

Now, to clarify- as I almost always do when I write- I’m mostly writing these next few things to help me process but also to not keep everything to myself as I feel other people should know how I’ve felt about  some things I witnessed and experienced. You may not think it’s important at all- in which case I kindly invite you to click the little “x” on your internet browser- because though it may not important to you, it’s a big deal to me.

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