The Importance of Presence

22 04 2012

“Presence,” writes Eugene Peterson, “is a delicious word.”

And how.

Time, circumstance and, most of all, God’s providence have permitted me to spend a few days with the three most beautiful women on Earth.

We’ve all been quite involved in pursuing our respective callings and destinies over the past nine months.  These pursuits have taken one of our daughters to Scotland, Turkey and Cambodia.  It has taken our other daughter to the vast and picturesque Flint Hills of central Kansas.  Their mother and I hold down the homestead in northern New York.

It is a leisurely Sunday that permits me to write this appreciation.  The girls, all three of them, are at the movies.  Somehow, the unearthly hotness of Zac Efron was not enough to persuade me to join them as they watch The Lucky Ones.

I’ll survive, I think.  I’ll bide my time appreciating them.  They’re marvelous ladies.  I am a blessed guy.

Time passes more quickly than most of us imagine.  While you have your tribe in your sights, enjoy and savor their nearness.

It is one of the supreme gifts of God.

Carpe diem.





2 responses

22 04 2012
David Kanigan


23 04 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks David. It’s great to be together. 🙂

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