Good To Be Home

22 03 2012

It was thirty years ago that I was first introduced to the album shown above.  I was finishing high school and a relatively new born-again believer in Jesus Christ.  Being a musician and lover of music, one of my passions became collecting what was known at the time as “Jesus Music.”  I bought this album without hearing any samples (this during the Jurassic era where the World Wide Web was still a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye).  What a find!

Good To Be Home by Paul Clark & Friends is one of the finest examples of what can happen when friends—some already well-known—get together to produce something larger than themselves.  Paul and his buddies were established already in the Jesus Music scene.  Paul was a known solo artist as was guitar phenom, Phil Keaggy.  Joining them were two members of the group Love Song, Jay Truax on bass and John Mehler on the drums.  Filling out the lineup was Bill Speer on piano.

The album has a bit of everything on it.  Straightforward rock on “Holding On To You” and “Which One Are You?”—a retelling of the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  Country rock and folk inform some of the other tunes like the title track and “For My Children.”  The song “Unveiling” is prophecy in music about the coming of the Day of the Lord with a remarkable guitar solo at the end by Phil Keaggy.  There is also the jazzy “Under His Grace.”  The final cut is the crown jewel of the album, “Abide,” long a favorite of Paul Clark fans.  It is a ballad based on John 15:1-5 with beautifully overdubbed guitars and harmonies.  Click on the video below for a sample from the album.

The strength of Paul’s writing has always been its solid biblical base.  He credits outstanding Bible teacher, the late Derek Prince in the liner notes of his album, Hand To The Plow for his teaching and influence. This is some of the finest music that emerged from the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s.

Do yourself a favor and buy it!

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