Ants and Employers

2 03 2012

I work in a growing IT company.  From its humble beginning back some thirteen years ago, we’ve become an entity that does a lot of remarkable things.  Relational database management, AutoCAD drawings and classes, loads of printing and plotting, software development, data collection and a whole lot more.

As a company grows, there will ensue the inevitable growing pains.  This is not a bad thing but a corollary to growth.  And these outcomes simply need to be managed.

Today, our staff had a brief meeting to address a few such growing pains.  All of us are professionals and the meeting went well.  We’re in a good position vis-à-vis a very tough economy.  And we want to stay competitive.

As I’ve reflected on the meeting, I got to thinking about an insect mentioned in the Bible.

The ant.

In the Proverbs we are instructed to go to the ant, learn her ways and be wise.  Paraphrasing the passage, we’re told that an ant doesn’t need a boss looking over her shoulder to make sure she is putting away food for the winter.  The ant is a heavy lifter–as much as fifty times her own weight–and is the embodiment of initiative.  She is self-motivated and need not be hounded.  You can read about her in Proverbs 6:6-11.

How about you?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I a self-starter or do I need a boss looking over my shoulder? It matters not whether you are self-employed or working for another.  If you had no boss, would any work get done?
  • Do I manage my income prudently and put aside for tough times?  The ant doesn’t work simply to work.  She’s harvesting grain and other foodstuffs because cold weather is coming where food will not be readily available.
  • Do I prefer rest and sleep to exertion?  The point of the proverbs lesson is that love of rest, leisure and sleep will leave you poor.  Why not learn to love work and production, your contribution to the world?

Warmer weather is on its way.  As the birds and insects come out this year, take some time at your nearest ant hill and watch how the ants behave.

You’ll be all the wiser for it.

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3 responses

2 03 2012

I have read this proverb over the years to my kids as I continue to home school them. Thankfully they have learned the value of hard work by the examples their dad and I have set for them. It saddens me that so many young people today don’t know this and they want everything handed down to them.

4 03 2012
C.R. Mooney

Nice post. We all need to look in the mirror on a regular basis and call our lazy butts to task. Ok, maybe it’s just me. Lol

4 03 2012
Christian Fahey

I do too, Moon. I guess it’s entropy in the human condition where we need to exert each day to have our game face on. Thanks for stopping by!

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