A Super Bowl Champ On Life

26 01 2012

“Blame no one. Expect Nothing. Do Something.” (Bill Parcells)

I snagged this quote this morning as I visited one of my favorite blogs.  It sums up an awful lot.  And, as someone remarked quoting it, the Coach is not saying, “Ah, suck it up.  Don’t be a wuss.”  He’s pointing the way to excellence.   He’s won a couple of Super Bowl rings. Obviously he has gotten results from such a perspective.  You will too.

“Blame No One”

Take responsibility—all of it—for your life.  Don’t buy into the lie that you can’t do something meaningful and profitable because…your family was a mess…the economy is bad…you’re too old…you’re too young…someone beat you to it.  Our choices have brought us to where we are at present.  Our choices will earn us a Hall-of-Fame life.  But it is our choice.  Take charge of your life and don’t wait around for someone to give you permission to do so.  The fact you are breathing is permission enough.

“Expect Nothing”

Don’t let entitlement thinking cloud your judgment and stick to you like snowflakes.  I’m sure Parcells did not mean by this, “Don’t get your hopes up.”  It’s wrong to expect others and God to do for you that which you are able to do for yourself.

“Do Something”

Take action.  This is a call for initiative.  For forward momentum.  Make a decision and see it through.  If it doesn’t turn out quite right, make the mid-course correction but by all means don’t stop.  God and the universe reward effort.  If you exert, you will see a return on investment!

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8 06 2012
Contentment… – Lead.Learn.Live.

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8 06 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks for the ping, David!

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