Goodbyes…And New Adventures

15 01 2012

My wife and I just put my youngest daughter on a plane.  She’s heading back to the Plains to resume college.  Christmas break alas has drawn to a close.

It was a month ago that we picked her and her boyfriend up late one cold night.  Home for Christmas.  We were giddy with anticipation.  We’d set out the goal to make the holidays fun and relaxing.  Our daughter and her boyfriend–who is like a son to us–have worked very hard in college and we wanted them to rest, catch up with old friends and enjoy Christmas in the peaceful and familiar environs of home.

Mission accomplished.  We had a blast.

Goodbyes are never easy.  We feel the bittersweet ache of letting our children go once again.  Even now, seeing their empty bedrooms right down the hall brings a sigh.  A memory.  Even a tear or two.

But we’ve raised them to fly and chase their dreams.  And though we miss them, we’re delighted to see them going after their destinies.  Leaving their mark on the world in the lives of those they touch.

Our eldest daughter is busy on the other side of the world helping poor children.  We missed her sorely at Christmas but will see her in the Spring.  We have two of the most beautiful, intelligent girls on the planet.

Now we move on into the future.  New adventures await.  Yes, we feel the pain of separation.  Savor the sorrow for a bit.  Eugene Peterson has said, “Presence is a delicious word.”  We’ve savored their presence and will do so again.

So here’s to looking ahead.  To new growth.  To superior experiences.  To helping other humanoids along the journey of life.  There are places to go, things to do, people to meet.  There are entire worlds yet we’ve not even visited or known.  We are ripe with anticipation.

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11 responses

15 01 2012
Eric Alagan

I know exactly how you feel. You might want to check this out, if not already >
Peace, Eric

15 01 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks Eric. I shall check it out!

15 01 2012

I have to say, this sounds like the perfect time to start something new, say, a book club? 🙂 I’m glad you had a great holiday season!

15 01 2012
Christian Fahey

Hmm…..I just might Em. What you’re doing is very inspiring. Thanks for reading! 🙂

15 01 2012

You have the greatest partner to adventure with ! Enjoy this time and this new season together !!!!

15 01 2012
Christian Fahey

Thanks Reenie!! We shall–it’s filled with cool possibilities. (Yes, Kath is my gem)

15 01 2012

Your blog site is so beautiful! Also, your words are very touching regarding your grown children. My husband are going through similar growing pains with our children. Thanks for the inspiration!

15 01 2012
Christian Fahey

Thank you for reading Stacy! Raising children to go out and do well is a big feat but very rewarding when they’re using their wings and reaching for the stars. You’re quite welcome!

15 01 2012
Zie Livingston


15 01 2012
Christian Fahey

A fun word, Die! Thanks for reading!

16 01 2012
Christian Fahey

Oops, typing error. A fun word Zie!!!

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