9 01 2012

Do you want to know a quick way to 1) make yourself a more valuable employee or businessman, 2) earn more money in short order, 3) raise your level of competence and 4) turbo charge your testimony with everyone with whom you come in contact?

Read on.

I have a number of friends who are either business owners, managers or employees.  We have had an ongoing conversation—for years now—about improving the climate of northern New York where we live.  We keep coming back to one diamond virtue.  It’s a diamond because it, like the precious gem, is rare and beautiful.


There is nothing that makes another human being feel valued quicker than good service.  Attention to details.  Courtesy.  Punctuality.  Returned phone calls and emails.

And nothing undermines value more than ignoring another human being.  Sometimes, it does appear that those who give short shrift to the above virtues are getting away with it.  Frequently, this kind of thing happens in more remote areas.  Some businesses in our area have demonstrated an attitude of service—if one can call it that—that says, in effect, “We’re the only game in town.  We’ll get to you when we can.  Take it or leave it.”

That kind of mentality is coming to an end, at least here in northern New York.  There are a number of people who have figured out that service is, first of all, the right thing to do.  And they are also figuring out that those who provide efficient and courteous service are moving ahead, leaving the complacent and discourteous in their wake.

It must happen.  And in this economy, you have a golden opportunity.  Here’s what you do:

  • Work harder than everybody around you.  The mentality of doing the minimum, even for fear of making your co-workers have to work harder, is for losers.  It’s not for you.
  • Show up early for work, business or social gatherings.  This will put you ahead of the pack quickly.  Time is irretrievable.  And few things demonstrate greater integrity and courtesy than taking another person’s time seriously.  Being “fashionably late” is not fashionable—it’s rude and a form of theft.  Avoid it like the plague.
  • Answer every form of communication directed to you as promptly as you can.  The man or woman who answers phone messages, emails, blog comments, etc. will get the attention of people who can make or mar a career quickly.  News of poor service in this area spreads like the flu.  Don’t carry the bug.  Be different.
  • Finish the job.  My brother-in-law is a successful contractor here in our region.  His rule for his customers is this: I will not leave this job until you, the customer, are thoroughly satisfied.  Make it your rule.

Service is rare.  You be the diamond that adorns your community.  Make the difference!




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