3 01 2012

It is said that it was the North Atlantic that made the Vikings.  High seas.  Frigid air.  Punishing winds.  “On we sweep, with threshing oar…”  Having to row against such a formidable obstacle made the Vikings extremely tough.

We live in a much softer age.  A lot of this has made life more manageable than the Nordic warriors had it.  But I suspect that too much soft living is hurting, rather than helping us.

When you train with weights, it is resistance training that builds muscle.  Heavier weights, requiring greater exertion, bulk us up.  And it is difficulties of all sorts that help build character.  If responded to properly, that is.

Face to the wind.

I like to read and browse in bookstores.   I was really impressed with a book I saw one day this past year: Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations (Alex & Brett Harris).   The title says it all.

These guys are on to something.

When we face difficult things and don’t bolt, we have huge growth potential.  As F. Nietzsche said, “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”  Muscle of body, mind, soul, spirit, emotion and intellect all grow as we face the challenges of life’s difficulties.  Living in a fallen world gives us ample room to develop, believe me.

What kinds of environments do you put yourself in that present resistance, obstacles, challenges?  How have you responded to them?

It is the 3rd of January and extremely cold here in northern New York.  Nice evening to stay indoors by a fire or under blankets.  I decided to do my nightly two mile walk anyway.  Bundled up.  6 degrees, wind chill of zero.  Cloudless sky and half-moon.  I figured If I can do this, I can do anything.  So off I went.

I came home colder but stronger and glad I did it.  Now I’m getting warm.

A plane lifts off with sufficient speed, flying into the wind.  Turn your face to the wind and watch what happens.




2 responses

4 01 2012
Joseph Gilchrist

Awesome post Mr. Fahey. I’m looking into that book now, and kudos for going out on January 3rd. Made me feel like a wimp. haha. I let my car run for 20 minutes before going out to sit in it. haha

4 01 2012
Christian Fahey

LOL Glad it was encouraging, Joseph. It’s kind of that “no pain–no gain” thing. Thanks for reading!

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