New Year’s Eve – A Toast

31 12 2011

On the eve of the New Year.  A toast:

Here’s to 2011, a year of challenges and triumphs.  Gains and losses.  Joys and sorrows.  But we are here and going into 2012, pumped, eager and brimming with faith and hope.

This is your year:

To grow emotionally, mentally, vocationally, socially, financially and spiritually.

To work for and acquire greater health and fitness.

To have many new, superior experiences.

To travel to places internally and externally that you’ve never been.

To experience life utterly unafraid.

Have a blast.  Enjoy your friends and loved ones.  Celebrate responsibly.  Take a cab or a designated driver if you need.

To 2012 and life!




2 responses

31 12 2011
Eric Alagan

Wishing you all the best for 2012
Eric 🙂

31 12 2011
Christian Fahey

And a safe and happy New Year to you as well, Eric! 🙂

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