Adjusting for Sanity

27 12 2011

Albert Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”


Christmas is over and the New Year will be upon us in four days.  Many of us are laying out our goals for the next year and beyond.

One of the most important things one can do is take an honest inventory of one’s life and determine what works and what doesn’t.  What sorts of things are you doing, what kind of company are you keeping, what kinds of attitudes do you wear like clothes that may be bringing you closer to your goals in life?  Or are steering you farther away from hitting your potential as a human being, created in God’s image with a purpose?

Doing this takes courage because it usually means making adjustments, sometimes radical changes to keep the ship from the shoals.

I saw an old friend today while shopping.  We’d not seen each other in the past four or five years.  And we talked about this important matter of facing what doesn’t work.  And changing.

Some of the organizations and movements we’d once been identified with were not producing health in their adherents over the long haul.  Instead of nurturing well-adjusted people within their orbits, they produced sorrow, disappointment and frustration.  Time for a change.

Here are some tough and practical questions you must  wrestle with if you desire sanity and growth:

  • With whom do you spend your discretionary time?  Companions can either make or mar a life.  We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of choosing friends carefully.  The best friends you have are those who have the effect of bringing you to a higher level by their presence.  Cultivate these.  And you must limit your involvements with pessimists, dream-killers and critics.  Their influence is hurting you.  It just is.
  • Are you using your gifts and abilities to their full potential?  This may be the year for a career change.  Some of us are bound by the “golden handcuffs” of a large salary and benefits package.  You really need to ask yourself if the pay and benefits outweigh that uneasy sense of not doing what you are best prepared to do.  Is earning a lot of money worth the feeling that you may be falling short of your ultimate design and purpose?  Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, when courting PepsiCo chairman John Sculley in 1983 asked the famous question “Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want to change the world?”
  • Are you a lifelong learner?  My wife gave me a Kindle Fire® reader for Christmas and I am using it to my advantage in this important area.  There are so many free books out there!  Are you seeking to learn something new every single day, to advance and to grow?  Or will you settle for mediocrity, falling short of the great call upon your life.

Here’s to growth, to change, to doing things differently this year.  To sanity.  Cheers!




2 responses

28 12 2011

crap-monkeys! “Are you using your gifts and abilities to their full potential?”

No, I’m not, but I shall!

29 12 2011
Christian Fahey

Indeed you shall, Moon, indeed you shall. Thanks!!

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