A Friend Is A Sheltering Tree

1 12 2011

I spent part of this evening helping a friend of mine move.  He’s headed 800 miles south, to warmer weather and a new locale.  I envy him just a bit.  Maybe because I’m older and enjoy warmer temps.  Or the delightful thought of a new beginning with fresh vistas, experiences and new relationships.

Friendships are forged often in the  nooks and crannies of life.  The spaces.  Not necessarily in the big and grandiose events.  But those five or ten minute conversations at work and at play, spread out over years.  They form bonds that last a lifetime.

Incidentals are not so incidental.  And little things mean a lot.

Someone has said that friendship is a sheltering tree.  Life brings with it lots of stormy weather and it is friendship, through family and comaraderie, that makes life rich.  Meaningful.  Bearable.

The above photo was taken aboard a dinner cruise that my friend, some colleagues and I took this past Summer here in the stunningly beautiful Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence River.  There we laughed, ate and shared our hearts and dreams.

I will miss you Mike, my brother and friend.   You have no idea.  May the road rise up to meet you and the wind be always at your back.  The best is yet to come!




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