26 11 2011

As a kid, growing up in the ’70’s, I looked forward each week to ABC’s Wide World of Sports.  In those days, you really could not get a good idea of what was to be featured in each week’s broadcast of a certain program.  Every Saturday, I waited breathlessly hoping that Evel Knievel, the motorcycle jumping daredevil, would be on the show, jumping again.

I was young, impressionable and dumb.  And Evel took hold of me.  I’d watch his jumps–successful and wrecks–and then go out and try to imitate on my bike with banana seat and long handlebars.  Some of you are smiling because you remember.  And did the same.

Evel Knievel was a hero to me because he took great risks.  His magnum opus was attempting to jump over the Snake River Canyon in Idaho (he failed).  My bedroom sported an Evel Knievel poster.  And I was thrilled when the movie came out about him, George Hamilton in the title role.

You will not get far in life without taking risk.  Evel Knievel’s risks were extreme, even foolhardy, to be sure.  But his was not a dull life.  Nor a dull career to follow.  And he always got back up after a wreck until it was time to call it a career and turn the reins over to his son, Captain Robbie Knievel.

Jesus once told a story about three men who were given talents (a large sum of money in those days).  Two of the men took risks and were able to generate an increase on the investment.  One man, however, hedged his bets and played it safe.  No risk.  He put his master’s money in the ground.  To “keep it safe.”

When the master returned, he rewarded the two who took risk and generated a return.  But he punished the man who played it safe.  Hedging his bets cost him dearly.

You will not get far in life unless you are willing to take risk.  Live adventurously.  Are you willing?




2 responses

26 11 2011
Kim Colmer

love it! great message Chris.

26 11 2011
Christian Fahey

Merci, ma chere amie. (Be honest, Kim, did you watch some of those Evel Knievel shows too?) 🙂

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