14 11 2011

I am forty pounds overweight.  Easily.  And just two years south of the half-century mark.  I sit in a cubicle at a computer all day.  I like Moose Tracks ice cream.  And Tootsie Rolls.  It shows.

Tonight I decided to do something about it.

I went out for a two mile jaunt.  I’ve not walked like that in months.  Or run.  I walked the first mile without stopping.  Then I ran the next mile without stopping.

I feel great.  Tired? Of course.  But alive and focused.  Beta endorphins kicking in.  I want to live a long life and I need to do what is in my power to extend my longevity by preserving my health.

The key thing about running a mile without interruption for the first time in a while, really, lay in my thinking.  I’m not fast.  But I’ve got a good stride and can go a long way without stopping.  And a lot of this is due to what I tell myself as my heart, lungs, legs and arms get a workout.

Disclaimer:  This is not medical advice.  Consult your doctor before starting a vigorous exercise regimen.

Ultra marathon monster Dean Karnazes talks in his book Ultra Marathon Man: Confessions of An All-Night Runner about the mental stamina that is required of a runner for really long distances.  (An ultra marathon is a footrace exceeding 26.2 miles and is often hundreds of miles long.)  He learned that at really long stretches, it was what he thought about and told himself that got him to his journey’s end successfully.  He encouraged himself to keep going.  He ran not just with his body but with his heart and thinking.

Life is like that.  A good deal of life’s ups and downs requires us simply to endure.  To keep going.  To not quit.  You can make it.  Just one more day.  One more step.  One more breath.

I hope to increase my pace and maybe even one day run marathons like my cousin Brian or my colleague Jeff.  One step at a time.




2 responses

15 11 2011

I saw you running past the house, great job! “One step at a time” is the hard part for me, I just want to be at the finish line without the marathon part.

15 11 2011
Christian Fahey

Blisters on my feet, Moon. LOL I understand the sentiment. But a fat boy like me has to get going!!

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