“I Asked For Wonder”

5 11 2011

Tonight my wife and I attended a party for some friends who are moving far away in a few days.

I had a nice talk with a friend I’d not seen in a while about our children.  One of his sons is fifteen and a budding writer.  He wrote his first book when he was twelve, two hundred pages worth.  At twelve.  His father beamed with pride and wonder at the level of imagination and creativity his child poured into his writing—the worlds that emerged from his unencumbered thinking and exploration of ideas and marvelous possibilities.

I told him that he and his wife obviously did something right simply by allowing the imagination of his child to flourish and express itself.

What a gift…..

I’ve been thinking recently of the title of a book by Abraham Joshua Heschel, I Asked For Wonder.  Not money.  Not intelligence.  Or fame.  Or any of a thousand pursuits we’re told will give us a happy life.  But wonder.

Are you able, like Einstein, da Vinci, Steve Jobs or any one of thousands of children you’ve seen, to let your imagination run free?  To think outside the rigid boundaries of what is acceptable or standard and find creative and beautiful realities, solutions and contributions to your world?

Ask for wonder…and watch what happens.




4 responses

7 11 2011

Love this. And find it intriguing that as I ask for wonder, I’m asking to be childlike again. ch:

7 11 2011
Christian Fahey

Yes, for sure. Me too–I want all the wonder of childlike innocence, candor and fascination, free of “adult” qualities of cynicism and other toxins. “Except you become as little children….” Imagine the possibilities!!

7 11 2011

wow bro. wow.I have crazy wonder happening every day, I pray for “un-afraid”

7 11 2011
Christian Fahey

I am with you there, Moon. It takes a certain level of courage to view life and challenge the “box” with the innocence, wonder and innovation of a child. Cool!

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