4 11 2011

I am a guitarist.  I took up this amazing instrument in the mid ‘70’s.  I saw a friend of mine play three songs—“Time In A Bottle”, “Dream On” and “Smoke On the Water”–the riff that launched thousands of guitarists in those days.  I freaked.  And fell in love.  The love affair continues thirty-five years later.

I owe a great deal of my early formation as a guitarist to Led Zeppelin in general and Jimmy Page in particular.  I learned a lot of the classic rock Zeppelin tunes in those days.  But I was especially drawn to their acoustic work.  It was just so interesting.  Rare chords.  Alternate tunings.  Mandolins.  J.R.R. Tolkien in the lyrics.  A world of wonder and colorful sounds.

A fair amount of Led Zeppelin’s creativity in those days emerged as Jimmy Page and Robert Plant retired to the Welsh cottage pictured above.  Bron-Yr-Aur.  It was here that music was inspired and created that endures to the present day.  They even named music after this quaint locale.

Where are your creative spaces?  A cottage?  Water?  Forests (my personal favorite)?  Urban life?




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7 11 2011

Water for sure. I “get” why scripture referred to the Father’s voice as that of “many rushing waters.” I “hear” Him best there. Thus I create best there. ch:

7 11 2011
Christian Fahey

Water has a calming effect on me that enables me to hear God as well, C. Forests are simply magical and I feel almost like a hobbit (or a member of Jethro Tull). Very cool. Thanks bro.

7 11 2011

Love this post Chris! I’ll be reading more often!

7 11 2011
Christian Fahey

Thanks Costa–I hope it inspires and takes you to good places!

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